[Exclusive Interview] xCricket11x

xCircket11x is a youtuber that has garnered fans throw showing us videos of her dancing choreography to various songs be artists and groups such as SNSD, T-ara, 4Minute, 2nE1, After School and more. Check out this video where in T-ara's comeback stage for their latest song promotion on MNet! Countdown, they use one of xCrickt11x 's videos. As of today is is the 4th most subscribed and 50th of all time in Korea She is certainly showing an example of "tuning into international music"!

1.) So what's your name, what you are called, alias?

Danielle, but some people have started calling me 'cricket' like in my youtube username, which I don't mind since my friend used to call me that in high school.

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at? etc.

I'm from Wisconsin, USA. Spend most of my time in the southern half of the state for school, but I'm actually from up north, which I prefer because it's colder and I love snowmobiling, etc.

- Snowmobiling sounds fun, where I'm from we're lucky if it snows once a year.

3.) What age did you start?

I started dancing when I was a kid, but it was just tap dance and ballet and I quit because it was hard for my parents to get me to lessons all the time. But in like 2006 when was about 17 I started learning actual choreography to songs, and making up my own.

4.) What's your inspiration?

All the groups I am trying to copy, haha. :) I want to be as good as them!!

-You seem to be as good as them, you learn there choreography on almost a professional level already.

5.) What's your style?

Hmmm...I dunno...it kind of depends on the day...I like to mix things up all the time. And I go through various phases quite frequently so it constantly changes.

- I completely understand, haha

6.) How would you describe your dancing?

Energetic, and fun! Mostly fun because that's why I do it!

-You seem to really enjoy dancing, that makes performances better!

--Check out some of her dance covers--

"Abracadabra" - Brown Eyed Girls

"Crazy Because of You" - T-ara

"Run Devil Run" - Girl's Generation (SNSD)

7.) People you collab with, friends and such..

No one usually, but I've forced my roommate to be in some videos. Maybe 'forced' is a strong word...she agreed to be in them, lol. Tried to get my mom to be in a video once, but it was a no-go, hah.

8.) Any hobbies, favorite stuff?

Learning foreign languages so I can understand the music of other countries, dancing (of course), pwning people in various video games, dominating DDR and such, messing about with computers.

- Sounds like our kind of hobbies.

9.) Plans in the future? near, or not so near (lol)

Keep on keepin' on and dancing up a storm! And graduating...lol.

- Good luck with your school work and graduating (I want to graduate soon too.)

10.) Anything else?..

Don't be afraid to like what other people might think is strange, just do what ya want!

-Prized advice, thanks a lot!

We appreciate you taking the time to have this interview with us. With all these "comebacks" that will be happening this April, I hope you will find many more new interesting choreography to practice and show us. Best wishes from TuneN2IM! -ciera88


Find more dances in the xCricket11x Youtube Channel

Follow her on twitter @xcricket11x



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Credit - Videos: xcricket11x @ yt & parkerlewisrocksHD @ yt
Photo: Sarangcharms

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