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[Exclusive Interview] He's On the Up and Up - Niko Villamor

Niko Villamor is an Atlanta and  San Francisco based rapper. Paired with with clever world-play charismatic stage presence. He is an artist that is on the "up and up". Hip hop, electro and alternative fused rhythm and lyric are like a breeze of fresh air and you can get immersed in his flow.  Maybe TuneN2IM should make "All Over The Globe" our anthem as I'm in Atlanta Bitch" an anthem for the "Aaaaaa".  Check out the clothing line Homeroom for style as fresh as his lyrics. I have great expectations for this artist for he  acts as if he is number one. Why not? he should.  Don't get me wrong he has a friendly and humble demeanor that makes people like him.TuneN2Im appreciates him taking the time out with us for the interview. So keep  a look out for Niko. And tune into TuneN2IM for more updates!
Performing @ Sloppy Seconds Space Camp
Here is our  interview with Villamor himself.
So what's your name? What you are called? Any alias?
- Dominic Villamor mostly known as Niko Villamor, Young Paul Francis, Travis Touchdown, Villy Vill, Vallet V. It goes on and on. haha.

I'll sure  pay attention to those.
Where you are from? Where you are active at?
- I was born in the Bay Area and Moved to Atlanta in my early teens.  I go back and fourth alot so I consider both of them important cities to me.  They both helped me become who I am today.
It seems great to be able to go between places like this, you can pick up and learn a lot of things in either places and combine them to make a concoction of freshness. LOL

What age did you start?
When I was born. lol.
What's your inspiration?
- Everything I experience, From big things to small things. artwork, books, things that I go through whether its good or bad.
What's your style?

- This is a hard question. Style changes and people grow. I can't really commit to one style because I might like one thing one minute and hate it the next. You never know.  Like OutKast for example.  They always evolved into other sounds and things.
I agree with that. Originality is key to leaving a strong impression, but what ever it is,  I want to say you have impeccable style. Oh and TBoss told me she loves your hair.

Sporting a Black Homeroom Shirt

How would you describe your music?
- This is a question similar to style.  But Definitely I would say my medium is Hip Hop.  That is what I use to create my music.  But I also get influences from other genres and mix it with my own.  But then again, what is just hip hop?  It's always growing and evolving as well.
Haha it's all part of the evolution of music. I can never grow tired of  it.
Performing @ Very Disco x Niko Villamor

Favorite Work?

- I think "Up Away" is one of my favorite songs as of right now.
Listen (tip: right click & open in new tab) => "Up Away"

People you collab with, friends and such
- I work with Dell "o8o" Harris formerly of Thunderkatz, we just released a White Light Syndrome VS Hollyweerd mixtape recently.  And we have new song with Hollyweerd coming on one of their upcoming projects. And I'm down to work with anybody who is trying to make things happen.
Sweet! I love Hollyweerd's "Wierdo"

Hobbies, favorite stuff
Anime, Manga, Video Games, Learning new things.  I told myself I would learn 3 new things next year. Not 100% sure what things, but when I confirm them, I'll let you know.
So I think you are now officially a hero to us takuheads everywhere. LOL

Finally, anything else?...
Don't chase your dreams, live them. Plan and execute.

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Only take out with proper credit.
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