[Exclusive Interview] A Mash Up King - Tae K

Name: Tae K

Age: 23

Location (Country): Washington, DC

What age did you start dancing/singing/etc?

I remember in kindergarten, i was in a play called the "Three Piggy Opera". I played the piggy who built the straw house, so basically i was the star of the show... ok nvm.

I first started remixing songs when I was in high school. It was kind of a spontaneous thing. I don't really remember what triggered it, but i remember going to an Electronic Boutique and asking the guy there what computer software was good for editing music. He recommended this program called Acid DJ, and i bought it and took it home to mess around with. I guess i just kind of got into it after that.

Do you dance/sing/etc for fun and/or as wanting a career out of it? Why?

It has always been a hobby since i first started. I'm a HUGE fan of all kinds of music, and i really just started making remixes as a means to make some new kinds of hybrid-genres and hear some new sounds... however music has always been a passion, and making a career out of it would be AMAZING... so if anyone reading this knows somebody... or knows somebody who knows somebody who's friends with somebody...

Who influences/inspire you about music?

It's hard to say because i get inspiration for everything i do in life from many different little things all over. But when it comes to my remixes, I would really have to put Dangermouse (and the Grey Album) up there on the top of the influence list. I had been doing remixes before the Grey Album came out, but had always kind of kept them to myself as a private hobby. But after the success of the Grey Album, i realized that a lot of people were open to remix/mashups as a genre, and I started putting my stuff online.

Sample of your work?


You can hear alot of my stuff on my youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/tkrmx

You can also stay up to date with any new tracks at my blog: http://tkrmx.blogspot.com/

Anything else you will like to add:

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this listening to my music. And a special thanks to Coco for putting my interview up on this blog! I hope everyone has a good time in whatever they're doing, and at the very least has some good music in the background!

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