[Exclusive Interview] Song Cover Sensation Huu!

Name: My name is Huu ( Vietnamese name =) )
Age: 22ys 23 in October
Location (Country): I live in FRANCE in Lyon city

What age did you start dancing/singing/etc? i bought my first guitar 3 years ago...and i play the guitar by my own..so it's not perfect for 3 years practicing =)
For the singing...hum...i've always loved singing =) but for this never take lessons too :s! but i really started singing 3 years ago too!
Concerning dancing...I used to Breakdancing since my childhood but with studies, i've stopped it

Do you dance/sing/etc for fun and/or as wanting a career out of it? Why? For the moment, i play and sing just for Fun! because I don't think i'm ready for this and i have a lot to learn about Music too ! so Now it's just for fun and just wanna share it with people and have some Feedback to be better ^^!
But in the future, if i'll have the opportunity to then..I'll try hehe!!

Who influences/inspire you about music? Lots of artists inspire me! RnB Soul artists of the 90's like BoyzIIMen, Brian McKnight, BabyFace, Joe, Lauryn Hill... RnB Soul artists of the moment like Trey Songz, Neyo, Usher, Jeremih =)...
And the artists who inspired me to play the guitar are Passion and Gabe Bondoc seen on Youtube! ^^

Sample of your work? (Links to your singing) I don't have my own songs...bcuz it's really hard to write in English because i'm French...and i don't like writing in French bcuz it doesn't sound good :s!!
Btw i'll to work on it! but for the moment i only make covers!

My Myspace : http://myspace.com/callmehuu

Joe- I Wanna Know


(A older one)Lloyd- You

Anything else you will like to add: Thank You Coco for this Interview =)!!
And..Thanks all of you who enjoy my Covers ^^!! You are AWESOME Guyz!!
Also...I Hope you'll understand my English ^^!!


TuneN2IM says:
TBoss says: She asked Huu to do the interview because she thinks he is a good singer. She likes how he is versatile in singers from Norah Jones to Joe. Also, because some of the songs she has listened to him sing, he doesn't sing it exactly word for word. He changes it up a bit and makes it his own.

Ciera88 says: she likes the "Just the Two of Us" cover he did last year.

Faux Pas77 says: I think he has a sweet voice and he's attractive lol I know this sounds so shallow, but what can i say :)

*updated 10/18/11*

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