Name- Coco


I like to do many things related to art. That means art, cooking, fanmade music videos, rapping, writing, and etc. I like to read. My favorite music genre would be R&B. I like old school music. And for international music, it would be R&B and Hip Hop. And I like international Folk and Folk Tale music. And maybe Celtic music, too, lol.

The dramas I am currently watching are Borrow Your Love, Can't Lose, and Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu.  My favorite drama is a Taiwan drama called It Started With A Kiss. Here is a fanmade music video for it, below.-

Blogs of mine.-

EyesEvicted. Click here.- It's my blog of foreign dramas, movies, animes, and t.v shows that I have watched so far.

TBossIDL. Click here. It's my other blog of whatever I want to post.

Here is my Twitter.- http://twitter.com/TBossIDL

I'm the creator of TuneN2IM. I hope everyone enjoys the site and forum that my TuneN2IM team and me run.

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