Beast on "Soom" and Upcoming Concert

The Korean music industry is pouring out with idol groups each day. There are a lot of groups; however the groups that catch the love from the public are centered on a few. It is said that if the “one chance” of popularity is caught at the right time then the idol group will prosper, however that “one chance” in the idol world is just as hard.
Coming back with the recent 3rd mini album ‘Mastermind’, BEAST was able to get that “one chance.” After the R&B track ‘Clenching My Fists Tight’ had placed in the top half of the online music charts, when the 3rd album was released, the title song ‘Breath’ moved up the charts fast as well and under a week since their comeback, BEAST was able to win first place on KBS ‘Music Bank’.
“Compared to before I can feel that we have received more popularity, but I can’t feel the extent of it yet.” (Yoon Doojoon)

“I’m really surprised and shocked. I can’t believe that our album had even gone up in the charts as a first place runner up.” (Yang Yoseob)
“I feel good that more people are playing attention to us. Until now I have been answering ‘I’m not sure’ to others telling me, ‘You must be happy now that you are popular’, but feeling that I haven’t been paying attention, when I checked the internet and monitored, I think that I can feel it a bit now.” (Yong Junhyung)

‘Breath’ features the work of Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyusung, Rado, and Yong Junhyung, and the song’s strong sound and dramatic instrumentals are highlighted. In particular, the breathing sounds that pop out in the midst of the song and the perfect choreography capture the eyes and the ears of the people. Suddenly we started to wonder who made the breathing sound in ‘Breath’.
“The breathing sound? All the breathing sounds from our song ‘Breath’ were all recorded by Shinsadong Tiger hyung. Even though we didn’t make it, doesn’t it fit really well with the song?” (Son Dongwoon)

BEAST’s choreography for ‘Breath’ is important to take note as well. This is because it was a collaboration effort between Prepix Haw and Mike Song from ‘Kabba Modern’ famous in America by being on the show ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’.

In particular, the choreography from ‘Breath’ was completed in American and was sent to Korea, and the BEAST members had to memorize the dance moves for several days day and night. The result of this was the creation of distinct dance moves that highlighted each member and this is why they started to hear “It’s awesome” from the fans as well.

“The choreography came out really nice. Many people seem to like it. We are just dancing the dance moves made by the hyung, so we are thankful for all the love we receive.” (Yoon Doojoon).
“We suffered a lot practicing the dance moves. After the sun was up, we practiced from 6am to 7am, sleep for one or two hours and practice again. We worked hard and got the dance moves memorized, so I’m glad that a lot of people are liking it.” (Son Dongwoon)
Due to the love from the public about BEAST’s new album, these days, even 10 bodies seem to be less for BEAST. On top the of album promotions, they are going crazy from the variety programs, and different festivals. Usually it get loud when the members get together, but recently, due to the tiredness, the members tend to quietly fall asleep whenever they are in the cars.
However in between all these busy schedules, BEAST had a lot of greed towards their first solo concert coming in December 12th.

“So far only the date is chosen. Since it is in the planning stage, we still need to think of a name. We are still consulting with our company about things we want to do on the stage. We haven’t decided on much, but just the thought of the concert makes me feel great.” (Yang Yoseob)

“I want to work with a real band for the concert. Instead of just dancing to songs from instrumentals, I want to let the fans hear unplugged versions of our dance songs.” (Son Dongwoon)

“Our concert had been a goal we had our eyes on since the beginning of the year. Since we will be fulfilling that dream, I can’t want anything more. The final goal for this year would be finishing the first concert safely without any accidents.” (Yong Junhyung)

There had been many male idol group comebacks in the month of October. BEAST, SHINee, UKISS, and more have already started on their promotions, and 2PM and 2AM are waiting for theirs soon. The competition of the male idol groups is assumed to be great, but BEAST seemed to be optimistic on the matter at hand.

“We never thought of anyone as our rival. We just need to show everyone that ‘we worked this hard in our practice rooms’ that ‘we put this much amount of effort in’. We don’t worry about who is coming out next. This doesn’t meant that we don’t pay attention to who are coming out, but sometimes we even search up the teaser videos for other artists wondering how awesome they will look in their comeback. If we watch those and learn, it helps us become better and wouldn’t it be more fun to us?” (Yong Junhyung)

BEAST had just started to see the light from their flight filled with effort. After looking at the popularity BEAST accumulated in a year, attentions are turned towards them as others pay attention to how further and higher they will fly.

“We want to be a group that continues to go up without any stops, and a group that continues to improve. It seems like we are doing well so far, but like what we have done so far, we will continue to work harder in the future.” (Yoon Doojoon)

source: My Daily
trans: aoistars @ B2ST RISING

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