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A t-shirt inspired from the "Soom" music video by Beast

I was going to make this all one video and stick it under the art section we have that is art inspired by music. But, I ran into some problems. So, I will be making this article. All the videos listed that explains each of the steps of me designing the shirt aren't long clips.

The music video I was inspired from is "Soom" by Beast.-

The videos of me creating the shirt.-

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Comments and questions are welcomed.


[Exclusive Interview] VanJess

1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias?

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at, and etc.?
We lived in Nigeria for most of our childhood, but have been living in southern California for the last 10 years.

3.) What age did you start?
We've been singing pretty much since we could talk!

4.) What's your inspiration?
We are inspired by music and the arts in general. We love all kinds of music as long as it makes us feel good.

5.) What's your style?
We are very eclectic, we draw our style anywhere from Tokyo to New York and we try to fuse everything into our own unique look.

6.) How would you describe your music?
Our music is very much R&b but with many outside influences from rock to jazz and pop.

7.) What is your favorite song that you have done?
Our favorite cover by far is our most popular one, bad romance just because it was one of the most creative ones we ever did on a whim.

8.) People you have had a collaboration with and/or friends?
On Youtube, we really…

Kpop FireFox Mozilla Themes

What are Personas?Personas are easy-to-install, easy-to-use themes that change the look of your Firefox web browser. There are thousands of Personas to choose from, with more added every day. Click here to visit the Personas gallery and start looking for designs that fit your style.

What do I need to use Personas?In less than 60 seconds, you can install a Persona and transform the look of your Firefox web browser. Just go here and click the green download button. After installation, you will be asked to quickly restart Firefox. Once Personas is installed, you'll be able to choose and change your selected Persona any time simply by clicking on the little fox mask in the lower left corner of your browser window or by visiting the gallery and selecting a different design.

You can add on the plug in here

Taken from my LJ

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I will make more soon, especially with kpop artist'…

October Artist of the Month: Heather Headly

Heather Headley (born October 5, 1974) is a TrinidadianR&B and soulsingersongwriter,record producer, and actress. She has won one Tony Award and one Grammy Award.
Headley was born in Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago, the daughter of Hannah and Eric Headley. At age four, Headley began playing the music of her native Trinidad, including calypso, reggae, and soca.[citation needed] In 1989 she moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States at the age of fifteen with her mother and brother Junior, when her father was offered a job as pastor of McKee Street Church of God. Headley attended Northrop High School, and was a member of their resident show choir, Charisma, and starred as Fanny Brice in the school's production of Funny Girl. After graduating from Northrop High School, Headley attended Northwestern University to study communications and musical theatre until the last day of her junior year, when she made the difficult decision to become a part of the musical Ragtime and dro…


Name: Ciera
Age: 24
B-day: May 1
Height: 168cm (5'6)
Sign: Taurus
Year: Dragon
Interests include; music of course, art, fashion, drawing, painting, design, literature, technology, anime, comics, gaming, historical junk.

Tumblr Blog 






My Drama List

Favorite Music Type: R&B, hip-hop, pop, rock, electro, jpop, j-rock, kpop, k-rock, mandopop

Playlist Includes: Epik High, Hwayobi, Clazziquai, Alex Chu, Hwanhee, Brian Joo, Big Mama, Kanjani8, SuperJunior, DBSK/Toho, Tei, Lee Seung Gi, Wheesung, Santogold, Trey Songz, JT, En Vogue, Gackt, Alice nine, June, Jero, KCM, The Killers, Nightmare, Last Alliance,Flumpool, Robin Thicke, Sean Paul, Shin Seung Hun, Sum 41, Uverworld, Fareast Movement, Jang Ki-ha and the Faces, Showta, Kanjani8, W&Whale, Big Bang, Adam, Lupe Fiasco, Ayaka, Abingdon Boys School, Chemistry, Rize, AAA, Erykah Badu, Lyold, Beast, T-ara, Mblaq, U-Kiss, Black Skirts, a lot of un-signed artist and yes even Kanye -- so prett…


Name- Coco


I like to do many things related to art. That means art, cooking, fanmade music videos, rapping, writing, and etc. I like to read. My favorite music genre would be R&B. I like old school music. And for international music, it would be R&B and Hip Hop. And I like international Folk and Folk Tale music. And maybe Celtic music, too, lol.

The dramas I am currently watching are Borrow Your Love, Can't Lose, and Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu.  My favorite drama is a Taiwan drama called It Started With A Kiss. Here is a fanmade music video for it, below.-

Blogs of mine.-

EyesEvicted. Click here.- It's my blog of foreign dramas, movies, animes, and t.v shows that I have watched so far.

TBossIDL. Click here. It's my other blog of whatever I want to post.

Here is my Twitter.-

I'm the creator of TuneN2IM. I hope everyone enjoys the site and forum that my TuneN2IM team and me run.


You have a reason to contact us for examples; you want to be an interviewee, you have information to share with us, or anything of that nature, you can contact us by email. Leave a comment in this post or twitter at us. :) If you want a specific staff member you maybe be able to notify them via their personal twitters as well, which are posted in their about "About" pages.


twitter: @tunen2im


Founded May 2009. Join our discussion in popular music from all around the world.  We ‘ll have interesting articles, awesome interviews, and fun contest and prizes.  Join our new reconstructed  forum, read the rules and post please. Let’s share our love of international music!

Disclaimer TuneN2IM is merely a site dedicated to spreading interest of international music. We try our best to supply only accurate information. Information on this site may or may not be true and TuneN2IM makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims. It is alright to copy, distribute, display, and link to our work, but do give us the deserved credit. All images that appear on the site are copyright their respective owners and TuneN2IM claims no credit for them unless otherwise noted. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site, please contact us and they will be promptly removed.

TuneN2IM Forum Come on and join our forum. We you can read post about artist that y…

Beast on "Soom" and Upcoming Concert

The Korean music industry is pouring out with idol groups each day. There are a lot of groups; however the groups that catch the love from the public are centered on a few. It is said that if the “one chance” of popularity is caught at the right time then the idol group will prosper, however that “one chance” in the idol world is just as hard.
Coming back with the recent 3rd mini album ‘Mastermind’, BEAST was able to get that “one chance.” After the R&B track ‘Clenching My Fists Tight’ had placed in the top half of the online music charts, when the 3rd album was released, the title song ‘Breath’ moved up the charts fast as well and under a week since their comeback, BEAST was able to win first place on KBS ‘Music Bank’.
“Compared to before I can feel that we have received more popularity, but I can’t feel the extent of it yet.” (Yoon Doojoon)

“I’m really surprised and shocked. I can’t believe that our album had even gone up in the charts as a first place runner up.” (Yang Yoseob)

[Exclusive Interview] Illastrayte

IllaStrayte is a talented rapper, singer, musician that is known for remixed versions of popular songs such as “Nobody” by Wonder Girls and “Chocolate Love” by SNSD and for his own original works. You can find a lot of his original songs on his personal youtube channel so check them out.

Nobody (Wonder Girls) Remix (w/Gina Shin)

"Without You" (2pm) Cover


"내사랑의 노래" -My Love Song (Korean)

"Be Okay" (w/Gina Shin)

Check more songs and other videos at JonKim3

Illastrayte on Myspace | Facebook

[Exclusive Interview] xCricket11x

xCircket11x is a youtuber that has garnered fans throw showing us videos of her dancing choreography to various songs be artists and groups such as SNSD, T-ara, 4Minute, 2nE1, After School and more. Check out this video where in T-ara's comeback stage for their latest song promotion on MNet! Countdown, they use one of xCrickt11x 's videos. As of today is is the 4th most subscribed and 50th of all time in Korea She is certainly showing an example of "tuning into international music"!

1.) So what's your name, what you are called, alias?

Danielle, but some people have started calling me 'cricket' like in my youtube username, which I don't mind since my friend used to call me that in high school.

2.) Where you are from, where you are active at? etc.

I'm from Wisconsin, USA. Spend most of my time in the southern half of the state for school, but I'm actually from up north, which I prefer because it's colder and I love snowmobiling, etc.

- Snowmobil…

[Exclusive Interview] Todd Berry

Name: Todd Berry

Age: 31

Location (Country): USA
What age did you start dancing/singing/etc?
At the age of 9.

Do you dance/sing/etc for fun and/or as wanting a career out of it? Why?
I knew early in life that the only thing I wanted to do was to entertain.  I really enjoyed watching people enjoy themselves by watching me sing.  Everybody told me I could sing and that I was really good.  I quit school at the age of 15 so I could concentrate on my career and I guess it was then that I decided to make it a career.  For the next 15 years I have worked full-time do just that.  I was told that I sing like Elvis so I early in my career I developed a Elvis Tribute Show and slowly developed my songlist to include lots of other acts as well.  I now know over 200 songs  of the top 40 acts from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, country, country rock, gospel and blues.  My career took a big jump last year when Spotlight Records signed me to a recording contract and now I am being offered even bigger opportuniti…

[Exclusive Interview] Jackie

Name: My name is Jacqueline Mason, but I usually go by Jackie or Park Sunhee (my Korean name)

Age: I am 21 years old

Location (Country): USA. My hometown is Tampa, FL

What age did you start dancing/singing/etc? I became a musician when I was 12 years old. I played the clarinet and won many awards in middle school and high school for it. I have been singing since I was very little. I have been playing the piano for a few years now.

Do you dance/sing/etc for fun and/or as wanting a career out of it? Why?I definitely want to make a career out of my singing. I also want to learn how to dance better. I also want to become a professional musician one day playing the clarinet and piano. I want to show people my love for music and my talent.

Who influences/inspire you about music? I have a lot of influences. Many Korean singers and musicians influence me, because I want to be able to sing in Korea one day. American stars such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Stacie Orrico also influence me.

Sample of you…

[Exclusive Interview] K-19 The Prince

1. What's your name, what you're called alias?

- I go by K-1 9 (K- One Nine) The Prince. There are many meanings to my name, one derives from 5 percenter religion in which the numbers 0-9 have a meaning. 1 means knowledge, and 9 means birth, put it together and its "knowledge born." A good friend and associate of mine, who is currently doing time, gave me the name. Also, 1-9 refers to the highway up here in Jersey, Route 1 and 9. I flow like the highway!

2. Where are you from? Where are you active act?-I am from the great state of New Jersey! Born in Jersey City, and grew up in Edison. Active in NYC, Jersey, and Connecticut.

3. What age did you start?

-I started rapping and making music in 2005 at the age of 18.

4. What's your inspiration?

-I have many inspirations. One is my family and parents. The struggle they have been through, drives me more and more to become successful. Also, my boys, who i consider my brothers motivate me and inspire me. I have a tight and …

[Exclusive Interview] He's On the Up and Up - Niko Villamor

Niko Villamor is an Atlanta and  San Francisco based rapper. Paired with with clever world-play charismatic stage presence. He is an artist that is on the "up and up". Hip hop, electro and alternative fused rhythm and lyric are like a breeze of fresh air and you can get immersed in his flow.  Maybe TuneN2IM should make "All Over The Globe" our anthem as I'm in Atlanta Bitch" an anthem for the "Aaaaaa".  Check out the clothing line Homeroom for style as fresh as his lyrics. I have great expectations for this artist for he  acts as if he is number one. Why not? he should.  Don't get me wrong he has a friendly and humble demeanor that makes people like him.TuneN2Im appreciates him taking the time out with us for the interview. So keep  a look out for Niko. And tune into TuneN2IM for more updates!
Performing @ Sloppy Seconds Space Camp Here is our  interview with Villamor himself.
So what's your name? What you are called? Any alias?
- Dominic …

[Exclusive Interview] A Mash Up King - Tae K

Name: Tae K

Age: 23

Location (Country): Washington, DC

What age did you start dancing/singing/etc?

I remember in kindergarten, i was in a play called the "Three Piggy Opera". I played the piggy who built the straw house, so basically i was the star of the show... ok nvm.

I first started remixing songs when I was in high school. It was kind of a spontaneous thing. I don't really remember what triggered it, but i remember going to an Electronic Boutique and asking the guy there what computer software was good for editing music. He recommended this program called Acid DJ, and i bought it and took it home to mess around with. I guess i just kind of got into it after that.

Do you dance/sing/etc for fun and/or as wanting a career out of it? Why?

It has always been a hobby since i first started. I'm a HUGE fan of all kinds of music, and i really just started making remixes as a means to make some new kinds of hybrid-genres and hear some new sounds... however music has always been …

[Exclusive Interview] Song Cover Sensation Huu!

Name: My name is Huu ( Vietnamese name =) )
Age: 22ys 23 in October
Location (Country): I live in FRANCE in Lyon city

What age did you start dancing/singing/etc? i bought my first guitar 3 years ago...and i play the guitar by my it's not perfect for 3 years practicing =)
For the singing...hum...i've always loved singing =) but for this never take lessons too :s! but i really started singing 3 years ago too!
Concerning dancing...I used to Breakdancing since my childhood but with studies, i've stopped it

Do you dance/sing/etc for fun and/or as wanting a career out of it? Why? For the moment, i play and sing just for Fun! because I don't think i'm ready for this and i have a lot to learn about Music too ! so Now it's just for fun and just wanna share it with people and have some Feedback to be better ^^!
But in the future, if i'll have the opportunity to then..I'll try hehe!!

Who influences/inspire you about music? Lots of artists inspire me! RnB Soul arti…