Villa's "Futuristic Boy" Music Video Released

Video shot in Tokyo, Japan

Villa [@villamorvilla]
Richie Souf [@RichieSouf]
Directed By Fresh Start Productions: @FreshStartP

Vertical out now!





1.) Your name, what you are called, and/or alias? 

Ronnie Icon, although Ronnie Scholtes is my real name. 

2.) Where you are from, where you are active? 

I'm from The Netherlands, and I'm mostly active on Youtube. It's my way of being international. :) 

3.) What age did you start?

I started writing songs when I was about 10 years old, but I didn't go to music college until my 22nd. I started my Youtube channel early 2015.

4.) What's your inspiration? 

Anything K-pop, really. Before I found out about K-pop, I'd been drawn to American pop artists like Jesse McCartney, but also artists like Bjork. Then I came across K-pop and my entire field of reference changed. I first got into EXO, but gradually I started learning all about other artists as well.

5.) What's your style?

K-pop inspired songs, remixes and covers. I like to think that, as a European based, K-pop inspired artist, I blend a little of both worlds. An EDM inspired sound mixed with the pop music I now listen…


I couldn't tell you not to fall
I don't think that you knew your cause
You had a place in my heart
There's another way you could call
Another way you could stall
But what happens when the time comes I don't want you to feel
That your burden should keep
You away from what you need
I had my reason to love
The reason I trust
Is to give you a chance
I don't believe in luck Are you down for the ride
This will last more than a night
More than a night
This could be the ride of your life
We could ebb and flow with the tide
Flow with the tide
(2x) Take my changes
Rearrange them
I don't fit in
But I'm living As the time flows by 잊혀지는것
As the time flows by 지나가는것
As the time flows by 무뎌지는것
그와중에도 가슴속을 깊이 후벼 파는것
You must follow that feeling's saying
오늘 느낀 이 좆 같은 느낌을 왠지 매일
간직하며 살고싶다는 생각이 들때 just catch it
Never let it go we must carry on 영원히 Are you down for the ride
This will last more than a night
More than a night
This could be the ride of your life
We could ebb an…

KNK Debuts with 'KNOCK" Plus Performance Videos!

KNK, the five member male group with heights all above 180cm, and brother group to Bestie, finally releases their debut music video! 

Angel Heart

Winner Talks About Their New Album EXIT:E

Winner who returned with a new mini album after almost a year and half, explains their songs track by track in Arirang's Pops In Seoul interview! They answer questions about the process of creating their songs and what they think about each other. Watch the cuts below.

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[List] Your Favorite Kpop Songs of 2015

The last day of the year is hear and TuneN2IM asked you what your personal favorite songs of 2015 are. Of course choosing the songs is a difficult feat because of the many fantastic releases this year, but thank you for trying. Rising group BTS seems to be the trend of 2015 with their two part EP albums The Most Beautiful Moment In Life. Other artists popular on your lists are 4Minute, Got7 and VIXX and the super rookie group Seventeen. 

@Cini501 (OP)

1. Brown Eyed Girls - "New World"
2. VIXX - "Hot Enough"
3. BTOB - "The Way Home"
4. Legend - "Nail"
5. BTS - "Dope"
6. Seventeen - "Adore U"
7. Shinee - "Odd Eye"
8. N.Sonic - "Reality" 
9. 4Minute - "Crazy" 
10. GOT7- "If You do"
Honorble Mention - B1A4 - "Sweet Girl"


1. VIXX - "Chained Up"
2. VIXX - "Hot Enough"
3. GOT7 - "If You Do"
4. Twice - "Ooh Ahh"
5. EXID - "Ho…

[List] 15 Creepy Kpop Music Videos 2015

Welcome to TuneN2IM’s list of Creepy Kpop Music Videos Volume 7! Long time no see, even though this site is still in hiatus mood, I could not let this year roll by without keeping up with tradition. 2015 went pretty light with the videos this year, even our good buddies VIXX went easy on us so far this year. However, we still managed to gather at least 15 videos that are appropriate for this playlist. Check them out!

XIA – “Flower” March 2, 2015
The whole video seems like an elaborate Halloween custom party.

 Boyfriend – “Bounce” March 8, 2015
Darker version of Alice in Wonderland, don't forget your whip..I mean the dance.

Ga-in – “Paradise Lost” March 11, 2015
Spooky organ music, haunting background vocals, Gothic imagery, oh and a few snakes in the mix.

 Rap Monster (BTS) – "농담" March 26, 2015
Disturbing dark asylum imagery

Bastarz – “Zero for Conduct” April 13, 2015
Cannibals? check. Vampires? check. However, we all know the scariest thing for students is getting a Ze…